What We Wear  What We Do Not Wear 
Blazer and tie Plain black blazer with school logo

Black and gold stripe tie

Plain black jacket
Shirt or blouse Plain white with collar blouse

Cotton or polyester

Long or short sleeves

Buttoned front

Plain style

Tucked in at waist

T Shirt Poloshirt Round collar

Coloured / Logoed tops / Polo shirts under shirts

Trousers/Skirt Black pleated school skirt

Black straight leg school trousers.

Plain style

Appropriate length


Jean material

Fashion skirt/trouser

Leggings/footless tights

Jumper/Cardigan Black, embroidered with our school logo  Plain black jumper/cardigan
Coat Warm and weatherproof

To be removed in lessons, registration and assembly

An extra sweater or hoodie worn instead of a topcoat.


Any type of fur coat and faux fur

Shoes Plain Black Leather school shoe

Practical and safe style

Have a polishable upper

Boots, canvas, suede or ‘Decorated’ black footwear

‘Decorated’ black shoes

Socks, Tights Plain black or natural tights

Black ankle socks

Leggings/footless tights
Jewellery Wrist watch

A single small plain stud in each ear



Non-stud earrings

Facial piercings

(on Health and Safety grounds)

  • The wearing of baseball caps and ‘hoodies’ is not acceptable. These will be confiscated.
  • No acrylic nails or nail varnish
  • No make up, false eyelashes or extensions.

The school will be the final arbiter on what is deemed to be acceptable as school uniform.

  • Naming of pupil property is important for clear identification if it is misplaced or lost
  • In exceptional circumstances, where pupils are unable to wear correct school dress, parents are asked to provide a note for the form tutor to consider

PE Kit Requirements

  • Trainers (not plimsols)
  • Black collared t-shirt with academy crest
  • Black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black swimming trunks (above knee and no pockets) or black one piece and towel
  • Black rugby shirt with gold trim down side
  • Football boots


  • Black football socks
  • Academy PE hoodie

Other Information

  • No jewellery of any kind is to be worn for PE
  • Notes are expected when a child needs to be excused from a PE lesson.
  • All pupils should bring their PE kit to every lesson so that they can still be involved in learning.
  • All pupils play rugby, football or hockey at some point. We strongly advise a gum shield and shin pads to be worn when participating in these activities.

Please click here to view our Uniform Expectations 22-23 Booklet

Please click here to view our Uniform Allowance Form 22