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Performance Data 2019

The results achieved by the students in our class of 2019 are the second-best set of results ever achieved by any cohort moving through the academy.

This is the second year of the new GCSEs which are widely considered to be tougher than previous years. The old benchmark of grade C and above has been replaced with a grade 4 and above with a further grade 5 and above measure added.

The class of 2019 saw many highly successful students, including 7 who averaged above a grade 7. One young lady achieved an amazing 4 grade 9’s, 2 grade 8’s and 2 7’s!

A deserving 38% of students achieved a grade 4 (standard pass) or higher in both their English and maths. To put into context, this is over double the 16% of pupils achieving a benchmark of a C in both English and maths just 4 years ago.

This year saw around half of all results awarded at a grade 4 or higher, and over 30% at a grade 5 or higher, the number of grade 7’s and above that were awarded to academy students increased to 11%. This 3% rise is significantly above the national average of just 0.3%.

Headline Data for Key Stage 4

Progress 8 -0.8% provisional estimate
Attainment 8 35.53
Grade 4+ in English and Maths 38%
Grade 5+ in English and Maths 19%
Ebacc 3.7%