What does it mean to be a Physical Practitioner?

A Physical Practitioner at The Farnborough Academy will develop their knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills in a range of activities. They will work as individuals, in groups and in teams. They will have the chance to analyse their own and others performances, comparing them to previous ones and suggest ways of improving to achieve their personal best. A Physical Practitioner will set about discovering what they like to do and how they can become involved in physical activity which helps them make informed choices about lifelong physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Key Stage Three

Students in KS3 will follow a range of activities which will allow them to become effective Physical Practitioners. We have created an interesting and diverse curriculum that suits all needs and interests of pupils entering KS3.

All year 7, 8 and 9 students follow a programme of study which is progressive and provides them with the opportunities to develop their physical confidence, along with their knowledge and understanding of skills that are essential in every sport. Health and fitness is also key here and is developed throughout the curriculum.  Farnborough pupils are given the opportunity to take on many different roles in a wide variety of invasion and net game activities, Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA), Athletics and Health Related Fitness.

Our PE department strives to have pupils constantly aware of what levels they are achieving and know what needs to be done to improve that level. Pupils are assessed holistically in a number of different strands that allow them to access levels and express their talent in a variety of different skills needed within PE, not just simply as a performer


Key Stage Four

Students in KS4 will follow a range of activities which will allow them to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding previously developed during KS3.  They will be encouraged to get involved in a range of activities that develop personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.


Year 10/11 Example

Performance Participation Participation Competitive Participation
Sept – Christmas
Football (6 Weeks) Fitness (4 weeks) Benchball (4 weeks) Basketball (4 weeks)
Rugby (6 Weeks) Bench ball (TH) (4 weeks) Basketball (4 weeks) Fitness (4 weeks)
Badminton (4 weeks) Fitness (4 weeks) Handball (4 weeks)
Christmas – Easter
Dodgeball (4 weeks) Multi Sports (4 weeks) Football (4 weeks)
Basketball (6 weeks) Table Tennis (4 weeks) Orienteering (4 weeks) Fitness (4 weeks)
Handball (6 weeks) Fitness (4 weeks) Problem Solving (4 weeks) Table Tennis (4 weeks)
Easter – Summer
Athletics & Striking and Fielding Athletics & Striking and Fielding Athletics & Striking and Fielding Athletics & Striking and Fielding


Curriculum Maps