Update – 15th October 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Families,

I am writing to you at the end of what has been a very rewarding half term. It is a delight to be the Principal of Farnborough Spencer Academy and I am excited to share news with you. This week we had all the Secondary Academy Principals visiting from the Spencer academy Trust. They took the time to visit our Academy, and saw our form time learning, students working in all lessons and social time. They gave a lot of positive feedback, and we will reflect on that as we continue to create a school we can be proud of.

We have been fortunate to be relatively unaffected by Covid this half term, and that is thanks to the school community who follow safety guidance day in, day out. Please ensure that, after half term, your child continues to lateral flow test twice a week and that we are continue to support good hygiene practices and ventilation. With that in mind, please find attached a letter from the Nottingham City Public Health and Education directors.


Open Evening

Last week saw our annual open evening – the first time for two years that we have been able to have the event in person. It was heartening to see a jam packed hall, and over 400 visitors to the evening. The feedback we received was exceptionally positive, and it’s been great to see people choosing Farnborough for their child in 2022. We had nearly 50 student helpers in the evening, and they were proud to be ambassadors for their Academy. I was really moved and impressed by our Head Students, Morgan, Angel and Keira who prepared their speech about their views on the Academy, before delivering it to a full hall – an incredible achievement for them.

Following the Open Evening, we have hosted around 20 parent visits for people who wanted to see what the school was like during the day. I would urge all of you to do this if you would like to. Our doors are always open for a tour. Simply contact the office on info@farnboroughspencer.com.


Admissions Arrangements

Every seven years, schools must consult on their admissions arrangements. Please see the attached information about this. As parents, you are entitled to express any vies about our admissions arrangements and I would urge you to do so. We are not intending making any changes. The consultation is running from 1st November 2021 to 13th December 2021. The closing date for the academy to receive comments is 13th December 2021.


Trips and visits

We have been able to restart trips and visits following 18 months of not being able to. So far this term, students have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh award trips, camping and trekking across rural Leicestershire. Mrs Noon’s Year 11 photography group have been enjoying trips to explore different environments to take photographs. This has included Nottingham Arboretum, Shinning Hill Woods and Padley Gorge. They have been a credit to the academy, and worked really well.



This half term, nearly 500 of our students have taken part in extracurricular activities, from clubs to trips and after school homework completion as part of our “Be Proud” programme. Mr Brewer and Mr Ault have been fantastic organising this and ensuring as many students as possible get to take part. We have a full range of activities available to students with more (including Art Club) starting after half term. Please encourage your child to take part if they are able – it will support them as they progress through their education.


Keep in touch

Please do follow our academy social media accounts, where we will be sharing information day to day about the successes of our young people. This is used to advertise events happening at the Academy, as well as celebrating student work.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheFarnboroughAcademy

Twitter – https://twitter.com/FarnboroughAcad

Instagram – https://instagram.com/farnboroughacad


I hope that you all have a lovely half term, and I look forward to welcoming students back to the Academy on Monday November 1st at 8:35am.