Uniform Changes & Punctuality

Dear parents, carers and families,

As we approach Easter, I am writing to confirm some changes that will take place after the break. We are informing you in good time, so that we are prepared together for the last few weeks of the Academy year and to ensure that there are no concerns or issues.


Uniform – end to temporary changes

As the weather is now warmer, we will be expecting students to follow our normal uniform policy. This means that, following the Easter break, students will no longer be permitted to wear additional black jumpers or hoodies (including the Farnborough PE hoody) underneath their blazer. Students will only be permitted to wear the Farnborough jumper (black, embroidered with our logo) as per our uniform policy. For full details of our uniform policy, please click here: http://www.farnboroughspencer.com/uniform/



We are grateful that the vast majority of parents and families work with the Academy to ensure that their child arrives on time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for some students, and we need to take additional action to support all of our young people to arrive at the Academy punctually. Being punctual to school is vitally important to ensure a calm and purposeful start to the day.

Breakfast club is now open to all students from 8.15am in the morning, serving bagels from the sports hall at the front of school. This is free, and all students can take advantage if they would like.

Students who arrive late, will now receive a same day, 30-minute afterschool detention. This will take effect AFTER the Easter break. Before the Easter break we will work with students to ensure that they are fully aware of the new policy and procedures.

The academies policy for attendance will be amended as follows;

  • The gates will shut at 35am. Any students arriving after this will be record as ‘late’.
  • Students who arrive late will be automatic, same day, 30 minute (C2 late) detention at 3.00pm.
  • If a student already has a detention that day, the late detention will be added to the length of sanction already being served.
  • Parents will be notified on the day of the detention.


We appreciate your support with both of these changes.  Please do contact your child’s head of year if you have any questions.


Yours faithfully,

Graeme Smith