Ghana Fundraising Expedition

In 2019, a team of 19 enthusiastic students from The Farnborough Academy took up the challenge of travelling to a remote rural community in Ghana to help build a chicken coop for a small children’s home, The Eugemot Home. The team would have lived within the local community, learning from their heritage and traditions, and working with them to build the chicken coop. The coop would have provided the Home with fresh eggs to enhance the residents’ diets, but also enable them to sell any excess eggs to pay for other essentials and assist them in their aim to become self-sufficient.

Since that time, the staff, children and wider school community at The Farnborough Academy have worked hard fundraising to enable the project to go ahead. Fundraising activities included baking and selling cakes, putting on Christmas markets, organising charity bike rides and packing bags at local supermarkets. It is also worth mentioning that it was a true team effort, with staff and parents at The Farnborough Academy getting stuck in and supporting the pupils. In total, the team raised a combined £7,535.76!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned expedition has recently been cancelled. With credit to all concerned, realising that their chances to take part in such a life-changing expedition had been crushed, the Academy’s community pulled together in order to make a significant donation. The donation has already ensured that the children and staff of the Home had a memorable New Year’s meal and it will also guarantee that the chicken coop is completed.

Venture Force Ltd, the local organisation that manages and leads school development expeditions, and Venture Force Foundation (Charity number 1152431) have undertaken to compete the project and ensure that the goodwill of The Farnborough Academy at large is not wasted.

Venture Force Ltd, Venture Force Foundation and the staff and children of The Eugemot Home wish to thank all concerned for their selfless and heart-warming donation.