The Farnborough mathematics curriculum is tailored to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach their potential and to develop high levels of numeracy in order to become well-rounded citizens in the world we live in. Our curriculum aims to ensure every student is mathematically confident to function in everyday life and to use maths successfully in his or her chosen career. With increased confidence in maths and numeracy students will be able to in apply their mathematical knowledge to unfamiliar contexts, providing them with the transferable skills to succeed in other subjects such as Technology, Science and Geography. Our curriculum is based on developing a deep understanding of concepts and builds up mathematical concepts in each child. Topics have been carefully thought out to allow this layering of knowledge to happen. This will ensure that students develop a secure, long-term and adaptable understanding of mathematics, which will allow opportunities to develop mathematical fluency and reasoning, as well as students being able to learn how to solve maths problems without having to memorise procedures. Our mathematics curriculum fosters resilience on a daily basis through problem solving and understanding of complex concepts, encouraging students to persevere and try different methods to arrive at correct solutions. Students should be encouraged to build on, and learn from their mistakes in all maths lessons, creating a cohort of pupils who are always willing to take on a challenge even if they know it will be difficult.


Curriculum Maps