Religious Education

The RE department is on a mission to develop its pupils into great philosophers, who are inquisitive, creative thinkers and understand how people collectively live in the world.

Throughout their time at Farnborough pupils will develop tolerance of different cultures and will explore the different perspectives of others. Through developing tolerance they will show empathy and understanding of the world in which they live in.

Our lessons are aimed at broadening their understanding of the main world religions, along with exploring ultimate questions and beliefs beyond mainstream religions, alongside concepts such as Humanism.

The skills developed by pupils during the lesson are vital life skills. Some of these skills are becoming effective communicators (through the use of debate) and pupils will create a greater level of independence.


Curriculum Maps


Farnborough Geographers will receive a fantastic education to become informed global citizens, investigating the world around them and much further beyond!

Geography is a unique Humanities subject because it teaches you both the physical structure of planet Earth and how we as humans interact with our environment.

Farnborough Geographers will have a strong understanding of how humans are affected by our environment, and how we affect it the present and in the future.

Farnborough Geographers will have an excellent knowledge of Earth Science, being able to explain how the Earth was formed and how it has changed over time.  Geographers will investigate the natural elements of the world including the atmosphere, land, oceans, natural hazards and changes to our climate.

Our Geographers will become expert Social Scientists, studying how humans live on the planet. We will analyse the causes and consequences of population growth, migration, the development of megacities and how economies can change.

Farnborough Geographers can use their knowledge and skills to lead them into a huge range of careers: You could monitor volcanoes in the Pacific, plan new megacities in Asia, investigate changes to glaciers in the Artic or closer to home, survey the land to build a new housing estate.

Geography at Farnborough will teach you about the world and give you the skills to go and discover it!


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The History department at The Farnborough Academy aims to develop all our students into inquisitive Historians and global citizens with the knowledge and skills to investigate the world around them.

Our lessons from year 7 to year 11 will enable students to use a range of methods to find out about the past – developing their knowledge and understanding of what caused events to happen, what the consequences of actions were, how far things have changed over time, and why certain events or people are viewed as significant in both the past and the present day.

We want our Historians to love learning about the lives of people in the past, and will provide opportunities to use a wide range of sources of evidence to discover History, from original artefacts to visiting sites of historical importance, we will train our historians to investigate the past with a critical eye.

Our Historians will develop highly valued skills for life beyond Farnborough and the world of work: Historians at Farnborough will be successful communicators who can confidently express their opinions, supported with accurate evidence to justify their views. Our Historians will become increasingly independent in researching information to enable them to be well informed global citizens, able to make up their own minds about challenging questions they will face in the world beyond Farnborough.


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BTEC Enterprise (KS4)


Enterprise prepares the students for the competitive world of employment by introducing them to the concepts of business and enterprise, as well as the logistics and ICT software programmes that students will need to use in their everyday work life. Enterprise allows the students of Farnborough an insight into their future in a way that no other subject offers.


Curriculum Features

Enterprise is a dynamic, relevant subject providing the very highest in career focused Learning. During their time studying Enterprise, students are taught the following:

  • Business Entrepreneurship – Student create their own business models to an industry standard.
  • Financial Education – Detailed financial education looking at all aspects of business finance, preparing them for the rigours of entrepreneurship
  • Presentation and Interview skills – You cannot get more relevant skills for future success than the presentation and interview intervention featured in the Enterprise curriculum. Students are taught the art of a successful presentation and are required to deliver a professional presentation as part of their course.
  • Creativity and Media – Decoding the world of marketing and online creativity, preparing students for entry into the most dynamic and fastest growing sector of employment in the developed world.



A qualification in Enterprise will open doors to interviews and opportunities in every possible avenue of Business. Enterprise is an outstanding addition to any student’s curriculum vitae and in many cases the course can be a life changing experience.

In order to achieve the very best possible outcomes, Enterprise is committed to providing students with extra-curricular support after school, specifically tailored resources and teaching from practitioners with experience and qualifications in business and enterprise. Pupils have the opportunity to visit local businesses and meet local Entrepreneurs who have been successful in business. Accelerating confidence programme support Enterprise students with visits to major companies including Crown Plaza, East Midland Airport and Capital One.


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