GCSE English Literature

AQA GCSE English Literature

  • English Literature is an essential and exciting subject at The Farnborough Academy.
  • This course gives us the opportunity to analyse themes and ideas that teach us more about ourselves and the world around us, through the study of literary texts from the English heritage. We will examine how language is used to convey ideas that are just as relevant to us now as they were when the piece was written, and we will learn how to analyse and explain concepts and theories in a sophisticated fashion.
  • English Literature is mandatory for all students.

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

This course is 100% assessed through two exam papers: 

Paper 1 (50%): Shakespeare (Macbeth) and Post-1914 Literature (An Inspector Calls) 1hr 45mins 

Paper 2 (50%): 18th Century Novel (Jekyll and Hyde) and Poetry since 1789 (Power and Conflict cluster) 2hr 15mins 

 What will I do in lessons? 

You will have 5 lessons a week that are split between English Language and English Literature. In your English Literature lessons you will: explore whole texts in terms of context, plot, characterisation and setting. You will learn to distinguish between implicit (subtle) and explicit (obvious) meaning. You will also learn to identify and explore themes and to support your written point of view by referring to evidence from the text. You will be challenged to evaluate different personal responses to texts and to use writers’ social, historical and cultural contexts to inform your evaluations. This means that you will learn about some of the greatest writers in history at a greater depth than ever before and understand how their personal experiences have influenced their writing.  

In addition, you will be expected to analyse and evaluate how writers use language, how they structure their characters and plot and how they choose to present their writing. This will develop your knowledge and skills on how and why novels, plays and poetry are crafted in a certain way and hopefully give you a new found love and appreciation for literature! In your personal responses to texts, you will develop the relevant linguistic and literary terminology, as well as contextual knowledge, as this will inform your evaluations and your ability to perform well in the exams. 

Where can English Literature take me? 

Anywhere you want it to! Students who enjoy the subject can continue studying English Literature at A Level. These qualifications help students to build valuable skills in independent research, effective analysis and critical thinking. Such skills are valued highly by all Universities, and students can use these qualifications to move on to degree courses in: English, History, Law, Psychology, Sociology; but are equally as valued by careers such as Business or Engineering as it shows and displays the critical ability necessary for these types of careers. Studying English Literature has the ability to open and stretch the mind in a creative and analytical way – a benefit for whatever career path you choose! 

For more information, please email Miss Tate or Ms Lancaster.

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