GCSE Computer Science

OCR GCSE Computer Science J277

  • Suitable for academic, logically-minded pupils who enjoy problem solving
  • Programming is a required element
  • Ebacc recognised (GCSE graded 9-1) and classed as a science
  • Pupils who enjoy studying about how computers work
  • Creating programs – learning to program in Python and other languages
  • Well received at colleges and university
  • 100% exam (2x 1 hour 30 minutes), class assessed programming project.

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

Firstly, GCSE Computer Science course is a highly challenging and academic course, aimed at pupils who already like to tinker with their computer and perhaps already write programs, make websites or “hack” existing programs. There is an expectation that pupils who choose the subject will use a computer at home to continue their study. In addition – you will be expected to design and write programs. This is one of the hardest aspects of Computer Science and again, practice at home is vital. It is very rewarding however! Much of the study will also be about how computers work.  The GCSE Computer Science qualification is assessed by two exams (100% of the total course) with an in class assessed programming project.

 What will I do in lessons? 

There are three lessons per week.  These lessons will be devoted to learning about computers work (eg: CPU, RAM and storage), networking, security, software and legal and ethical concerns. There’s a lot to learn! Towards Year 11, lessons will focus on writing algorithms, computer programs and computational logic. Pupils will learn the fundamentals of programming, and will then move on to using high-level programming languages such as Python to produce a project.

Where can Computer Science take me? 

Computer Science is very highly regarded. It is the best route into all computer related careers, typically from university, including software development, app development, computer security and many others. Even just the problem solving skills you will learn are highly valued by employers.

For more information, please email Mr Booth.

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