BTEC Business Enterprise

BTEC Business and Enterprise

  • A relevant and popular subject that develops a wide range of knowledge and problem solving skills that can be applied to any business or organisation
  • Assessed through a written exam worth 40% and two controlled assessment tasks worth 30% each
  • Relevant to the world of work, further study and future careers
  • Equivalent to GCSE and well received at colleges and university

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

Unit 1- Understanding Enterprise. You will understand entrepreneurship, business organisation and the importance of stakeholders.  You will research two existing businesses and explore their business model. You will also understand how external influences like economic factors and legislation impact on business.   

Unit 2– Planning and Pitching an Enterprise. You will design and plan a small start-up business. Once decided you will design a business plan and pitch the idea to potential investors. 

Unit 3 – Finance and Promotion you will focus on understanding resource planning and growth and development.  This will include financial planning and promotion. 


40% is an externally assessed exam and 60% is internally assessed (controlled assessment) which is based on a project brief in both Unit 1 and Unit 2. 

 What will I do in lessons? 

Business lessons aim to develop group work and ICT will be used to research topics and present work.  In addition, business simulations, presentations and roleplay are all used to make lessons engaging. 

Where can Business take me? 

Level 2 B-Tec Business Enterprise will provide a pathway to A level Business, Law or Accountancy  and other level 3 qualifications such as BTEC Business at a sixth form or college. A business qualification is extremely generic, so in terms of future employment it can open up many opportunities including apprenticeships and other private and government funded employment such as banking, insurance, accountancy, nursing, plumbing, law etc. 

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