GCSE Art & Design: Fine Art

  • Do you have a passion for Art? Are you willing to put in the time to be a success? Do you find art relaxing and exciting? To take Art to GCSE level it is expected that you have demonstrated a genuine interest in the subject at KS3 and that you have shown a willingness to work at acquiring the necessary skills. The course builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired at KS3. It is also important that you enjoy the subject.
  • We follow the AQA Fine Art Course, where the focus is on observational drawing and experimentation with many techniques, using 2D and 3D materials. You also have the opportunity to choose equipment from a wide range of areas: sculpture, printing, painting and photography, media and installation.
  • You will see amazing art through visits to London, creative spaces or art galleries such as the Tate Modern and take part in creative workshops with artists.
  • This is the only course that strengthens the valuable skill of observational and technical drawing.

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

This is a 2-year course worth 1 GCSE 9-1 where students produce 2 Components of work.  Component 1 is a Portfolio of Coursework, which is created during year 10 and the first term of year 11. Component 2 is an exam project, with a 10-hour practical only exam and 12-week preparation period during Y11. There are only 4 assessment objectives: RESEARCH; EXPERIMENT, RECORD & RESPOND. There is a lot to pack in and you will need homework time to explore more ideas; look at amazing art techniques and practice with them. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

You will learn to be increasingly individual and creative with independent studies and experimentations. In year 10 you will try new skills and practices through a series of teacher led workshops.  There will also be emphasis on strengthening your observational drawing skills. This will help develop your confidence with a wide range of practical skills before you specialise and focus on an independent project.

In year 11 you will improve and add to your Portfolio of work, developing more original, adventurous masterpieces whilst following a chosen theme. You should do at least three hours study per week, completing homework is very important.

 What will I do in lessons? 

There are 3 lessons per week.  You will be given themes as starting points and expected to develop a portfolio of work that covers the 4 assessment objectives.  You will study the work of amazing artists, to not only develop your ideas more maturely but to also demonstrate how to improve your techniques and skills.

Where can Art take me? 
  • This course is excellent preparation for progression to an A Level in Art and Design or a relevant level 3 course. This is a foundation course to many others fields of art and design.
  • This will not only prepare you for future courses in Art and Design but also the workplace, where creative practitioners follow themes or briefs to meet the expectations of their clients
  • It could lead towards a career in fine art, new media, games development, architecture, photography and video, fashion and many more……

For more information please email Miss Adams

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