Duke of Edinburgh

Farnborough Academy students in years 9, 10 and 11 have the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The school has an experienced member of staff who has the relevant training to support pupils to gain Bronze and Silver awards.

The award is internationally recognised and often supports pupils in their careers. The aim of the course is to support pupils to acquire skills to work as a group, cook meals, gain First Aid skills, navigational skills, have an awareness of risk and health/safety issues, camp craft, hygiene, emergency procedures, country and highway codes, fitness and a lot more. The most important thing they learn is more about themselves when they are put under pressure and are totally independent.

To gain the qualification, pupils need to complete the tasks below:

  • Volunteering: each student needs to give up their time to help a club, charity or social event to help other people in the local community.
  • Skill: this covers any hobby, skill or interest they already do or would like to do.
  • Physical Recreation: they need to do a Sport, Dance or Fitness Activity.
  • Expedition: 2 days walking and 1 night camping for Bronze, 3 days walking and 2 nights camping for Silver. The students plan the whole weekend for themselves using the skills required in the classroom and training sessions.


Students complete an hour a week towards their sections, including an hour on a Monday after school training towards their expedition. Sections take 3-6 months each to complete.

The award is totally inclusive, and all students are encouraged to apply. There are no barriers other than your own commitment!