Curriculum Overview

Farnborough Spencer Academy Curriculum Statement

Our Academy

The Farnborough Academy is based in Clifton, which was the largest council estate in Europe when constructed in the mid-20th century. Clifton is home to approximately 23000 people, 92% of whom are white British, 25% do not own a passport and the rates of unemployment are significantly higher than national average. The proportion of students who are classed as disadvantaged is significantly higher than the national average.  Below average numbers of students are EAL.

The academy serves a population where children are born into families with a generational history of unemployment and poor academic outcomes from school.


Our Ethos

Our Academy ethos is summed up in our staff and student pledges. These describe the culture and ambitious aims we have for our whole community.

They are summed up in our Academy motto, “We Are Proud.”

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Subject Overviews